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What you should know about DD215 Form

  1. Form Number: DD215
  2. Form Title: Correction to DD Form 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty
  3. Agency: U.S. Department of Defense

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How to prepare DD215 Form

Open up the Form DD215 Form
You do not ought to download the document to the computer and print it to send. Just click Get Form to start the template inside the editor and file it online.
Edit your file
Our PDF file editor allows you to arrange the document and modify its content. Otherwise, you can easily fill out the current fields inside your template.
Submit the form
Once you complete editing, just click DONE to save the file in the desired file format. You may submit the papers via electronic mail, Fax and USPS, and so on., or download it.

About Form Dd215 Form

Form DD215 is a correction to DD214, which is the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. It is used to correct errors or add information to the DD214. Anyone who has been discharged or separated from the military and received a DD214 may need a DD215 if there are errors or missing information on the original form that needs to be corrected. It is important to have an accurate DD214 for benefits eligibility and retirement purposes.

How to complete a DD215 Form

  1. Obtain the form from DoDgov, USAFederalFormscom, or Fillablecom
  2. Open the PDF form in a compatible reader
  3. Fill out the form by typing in your information in the fillable fields
  4. Save the filledout form for your records
  5. Print a copy if needed
  6. Remember to keep a copy of the completed form for your records

People also ask about DD215 Form

What is the purpose of the DD215 Form?
The DD215 Form is used for corrections to the DD Form 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.
Where can I obtain the DD215 Form?
You can obtain the DD215 Form from websites such as,, and
Is the DD215 Form printable and fillable?
Yes, the DD215 Form is available in PDF format that is optimized for printing and can be filled and saved electronically.

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There is no need to print, to complete, and to certify your Form DD215 Form physically. It's far more productive to make forms online. You will have access to a lot of useful instruments like texts, checkboxes, highlights, electronic signatures, and so forth. If someone makes a mistake, you can fix it and remove the need to print out an additional hard copy and complete the entire paper from the beginning. In addition, smart fillable areas in professional editors reveal to you what sort of text is essential, so you will spend less time seeking solutions within the guidance.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing DD215 Form

Instructions and Help about DD215 Form

So if I want to get a copy of my DD214 or I want to get a copy of a loved one's key to 14 due to burial or something like that what is fastest way to do it okay so there's um it's the same way you go online and use our application evap Rex you go to the National Archives webpage which is click on military service records and then look for our application called evat Rex to submit a request online you made a distinction in your question between you know I'm looking for my DD214 but then you also said what if I need a DD214 to support a funeral service right okay when you're on that application you can request expedited service and you'll be asked why and if it's a medical emergency or burial homeless veteran seeking shelter that sort of thing we will expedite that request and you know with burials we turn those around in two three days sometimes we'll always try to meet the date that is required for the service also if it's a national cemetery what I advise families you know grieving families don't need to be burdened with navigating the federal bureaucracy right let the national cemetery scheduling office do it for you they deal directly with us on records and we get hundreds every single day connect with the benefits you earned and deserve visit for current events sign up for the vet resources e-newsletter subscribe on YouTube for Content like the sit rep and vr5 or follow VA on social media visit the video description below and get connected today.