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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to update dd214 after discharge

Instructions and Help about how to update dd214 after discharge

From the Army Reserves I am in other than honorable discharge and I have a active duty honorable discharge for 34 days they said that my orders were undeliverable to my home of record address in Houston where my parents still lived to this day I had a stress fracture in my left knee and my left foot and also a back injury I got them very early on basic and was having pain and a little bit of tingling and numb with numbness I kept telling my drill sergeants that there was something wrong every time they sent me to the doctor they took x-rays and nothing was showing up on the x-rays what was also unusual is that I ended up having a two-week Christmas Exodus between my basic training and my advanced individual training so when I went home on my two-week Exodus my feet swelled up to about the size of grapefruits so when I went to my advanced individual training I said you know you guys keep saying there's nothing wrong but there's clearly something wrong and it took about four more weeks for me to get a bone scan which revealed B stress fractures so I did almost all of my training on my stress fractures and with my injured back and went into back into my retail career after I got out of the reserves where I was lifting and throwing Freight and walking and climbing ladders so eventually since my stress fractures never healed properly I developed traumatic arthritis in both my feet and my knees I have a permanent back injury and now I'm starting to have difficulty with weakness in my ankles the congressional inquiry that was done on my behalf said that the reason I was given this other than honorable discharge is that the orders they sent to me were undeliverable there was really not much explanation besides that so my interpretation is kind of that someone dropped the ball whether it was the post office or whether it was whoever drafted the orders because they should have really given me a wall and made me a dishonorable discharge if it was the case that I had ignored orders so someone's like these orders weren't exactly ignored so they kind of just threw me into this other box basically that's like the best I can see from what I was able to see out of my records a lot of people got discharged under what we call oth for a myriad of reasons and most people haven't run into somebody in my particular situation so mostly people are just confused there's a question as to whether or not I'm gonna have issue if I'd like to get federal employment eventually currently I work for the state and it wasn't an issue for that but again any like higher level security clearance it's gonna show up in there could be a problem since I got injured in the.