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Instructions and Help about What does a dd 215 look like

The Pennsylvania Department of military and Veterans Affairs connects veterans and their families to a multitude of services and benefits military discharge documentation such as the DD 214 is the critical starting point to apply for almost any veteran benefit or service it is also an authoritative source of information for both governmental agencies and the Armed Forces for purposes of employment benefits and reenlistment data a DD 214 or other discharge document indicates the veterans period of service with the Armed Forces at the time of the members separation discharge or change of military status a document so vital should be kept in a safe place it is highly recommended at veteran's record their discharges with their county courthouse so they are able to obtain free certified copies for remainder of their life and available upon their death if you do not currently have a copy of the certificate of release or discharge DD Form 214 now is the time to obtain it before you need it visit the Pennsylvania Department of military and veterans affairs website for details on how to secure copy of to discharge documents or for further information on any of the programs and services available to veterans.


What does a good answer on Quora look like? What does it mean to "be helpful"?
Quora's mission is to share and grow the world's knowledge. We seek to achieve this mission by creating the best page on the internet for any given question • pages that are valuable and reusable resources to readers. A good answer is helpful to anyone who wants to know the answer to the question. Good answers are helpful to both the original poster of the question and to anyone else who has the same question in the future. An answer is helpful when it's clear, credible, and sincerely addresses the question that was asked.More specifically, helpful answers:Answer the question that was asked. Good answers are very helpful for someone who wants to know the answer to the question. You should always assume that people are asking in good faith and really want help. Helpful answers don't change the subject, obsess over faulty premises, or make fun of the question.  A good answer often considers the frame of mind of the typical person that has this question • what are they wondering, what are they confused about, what kind of background they need. Prknowledge that is reusable by anyone interested in the question. A good answer has facts and insights that are general and reusable. An answer is not the most helpful if it only helps one person with specific circumstances not listed in the question. Citing your own opinion or view is fine, but if you think your opinion is the right answer to the question, then you should explain and support the case for your point-of-view (i.e., why you believe that many people should share your point of view). The best answers to a general question sometimes cover many different cases with conditions (e.g., "if you're tall, I recommend X, if you're short I recommend Y").Support your answer with rationale. Helpful answers typically assume that the question is implicitly asking "Why?", even if it doesn't say so explicitly. This means you should include convincing rationale, so that the reader can understand why the answer is correct. Even in cases where a question is about personal opinion, personal experience, and/or individual expertise, it's still important to demonstrate why your answer is accurate and helpful (and not just popular).Demonstrate credibility and be factually correct. A good answer convinces readers that it's trustworthy. An answer that’s wrong or which includes incorrect facts or premises is not helpful. Answers can demonstrate credibility in a number of ways, including: providing reliable sources, listing good examples, and explaining why you have expertise or first-hand experience in the subject. Ideally, writers should indicate why they're qualified to answer the question. (You should prgood topic bios whenever it makes sense.) Some of the best answers don’t need to cite sources, because they are written by people with expertise or first-hand knowledge. However, if an author provides an answer that depends on third-party facts and analysis • not based on their own personal expertise • it’s helpful to prexternal links and source material. Are clear and easy to read. Good answers are very clear to read and understand, even for someone who is reading quickly or skimming the page. It's helpful to include simple formatting that adds structure and helps emphasize key pieces of information. Of course, a good answer needs to have correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Any images or video in an answer should help bring clarity to your points. Good answers are also usually enjoyable to read. They are engaging and thought-provoking, and may include empathy and humor. A good answer avoids insides jokes or sarcasm. The best answer should aspire to be the most comprehensive, helpful, and trustworthy resource on the Internet for that question. For any question, Quora wants to attract the most helpful answer for someone who wants to know the answer to the question. Our best answers are the ones that will get distribution and wide readership. Quality and distribution • how Quora distributes high-quality answersWe will continually improve and change Quora to get better at rewarding quality content with better distribution. To be clear, that means:High quality answers should get a lot of distribution (in feed, in digest emails, etc.).Low quality answers should get minimal distribution.The more complete and thoughtful your answer is, the more likely it will (1) rank at or near the top of the page and (2) reach lots of readers. Short fragments that contribute a bit, but not much, to the quality of the page won't get much distribution.
What does a joy-filled life look like?
This isn’t something that anyone outside of yourself can answer.It’s funny that you used the word joy - it makes me recall an excellent book I read about cleaning and organizing. Maybe you have heard of it. It’s called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and she developed the KonMari method. There is a follow-up/companion book entitled “Spark Joy” - check it out!She introduces the idea of making “art” out of “things” by deciding very clearly what “things” spark joy within you. For me, for example, books spark joy. I have my books prominently displaced now and they do truly spark joy.
Is it healthy to have imaginary conversations all the time? How can I find out more about this kind of delusional conversation? What does a healthy relaxed mental state look like?
Depends on what you mean by imaginary conversations. If you mean conversations you believed to be real when they happened but later realized that they did not really happen, then no.Everyone has imaginary conversations. Any conversation you read in a work of fiction is imaginary. For most of us, having an imaginary conversation in our heads before going to a job interview or before asking out a person we fancy is essential.If you have a whole lot of imaginary conversations, it probably means that you have a fertile imagination or that you are bored. If you end up behaving erratically because of your imaginary conversations or if you get confused about whether that conversation was imaginary or real, then you might have a mental health condition. I use the term mental health condition very loosely here - not having had enough sleep and thus having slower than usual reflexes or a perception that is slightly off is an example of a very mild mental health condition. If your mental health condition truly worries you or significantly messes up your normal functioning, then it might be a more serious one that might benefit from a professional mental health consult.I have imaginary conversations all the time. They are fun, they allow me to look at situations from different angles, they pass the time and according to some scientists are a sign of intelligence. Also, for people who live in social isolation, imaginary conversations are unavoidable and perfectly normal in their situation. Having said that, people who live in social isolation should try to get out of that isolation because social isolation can have serious physical and mental health consequences in the long run.
How do I know what I look like to others?
Seeing through the eyes of the beholder.Awwwww. Yes. To see ourselves as others see us. That is indeed a good goal.You can.You can.Because we have shades on our eyes when it comes to seeing the real you, it is often difficult to see who we are to ourselves. You want to believe that all you do and say is acceptable to all. That is not how life works.All you do and say is not acceptable to others. I have men/boys here ask me why can't they be annoying and have others accept them. It's simple. You're annoying. Look, if 3 to 5 people tell you that you are annoying and you want to attract others to us that you really want, you have to stop being annoying. Same is true for any other behaviors.If you have a uni brow, get your eyebrows shaped. If your hair is greasy, wash it. If you lie, stop lying. If you avoid confrontation, start standing up for yourselves. If you lose things all the time, start putting them in the same place all the time so you can find it. Make a decision to see yourself as others see you.
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