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The DD Form 214 certificate of release or discharge from active duty generally referred to as a DD 214 is a document of the United States Department of Defense issued upon a military service members retirement separation or discharge from active duty military history and usage the first DD Form 214 s were issued in 1950 after replacing the older WD AG o forms and their names discharge documents these documents in turn had existed since 1941 in earlier versions of the form it was called a report of separation from active duty the current title dates from July 1st 1979 DD Form 214 is the capstone military service document as it represents the complete verified record of a service members time in the military awards and medals and other pertinent service information such as promotions combat service or overseas service military occupational specialty identifies in record of training and schools completed for individuals who served in Air National Guard or Army National Guard exclusively don't receive DD Form 214 but will receive a form called NGB 22 from the National Guard Bureau DD Form 214 is commonly used by various government agencies chief among them the Department of Veterans Affairs to secure veteran benefits and may be requested by employers should a person indicate he or she has served in the military this document also contains codes used by the Armed Forces to describe a former service members reason for discharge and their reenlistment eligibility these codes are known as separation designator separation justification codes and reenlistment eligibility codes respectively DD Form 214 is also generally required by Funeral Directors in order to immediately prove eligibility for interment in VA cemetery and/or obtaining a grave marker and/or prmilitary honest to a deceased veteran on September 1st 2021 the National Defense Authorization Act labeled upon the family's request every eligible veteran to receive a military funeral honors ceremony to include the folding and presentation of the United States burial flag in the sounding of taps at no cost to the family copies of DD Form 214 czar typically maintained by the government as part of a service members 201 file or OmpF the 201 file generally contains additional personal related forms available versions there are two versions of the DD Form 214 usually referred to simply a short and long copies the edited or short copy omits a great deal of information chiefly the characterization of service and reason for discharge thus the unedited copy is generally desired by veterans organizations employers and law enforcement agencies alike copies service members are given the option of accepting the edited unedited or both copies upon separation the most important copy of the DD 214 for the individual is the member for copy it is the standard form needed to obtain benefits such as GI Bill or government employment priority the service to copy contains information as to the nature and type of discharge and the reenlistment code this code is.