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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing dd 149 application

Instructions and Help about dd 149 application

Hello everyone welcome to the first video of my first ever YouTube channel the pre-med chronicles today we will be discussing the hpsp scholarship that is the Health Professions scholarship program through the US military and whether or not this is the right option for you the hpsp scholarship offers to pay for all of your 4 years of medical school and that includes tuition fees insurance and living expenses and in return for each of the years you accept money from the military in the hpsp program they expect you to give one year of your career back serving the military so if you take 4 years of support for all your expenses as a medical school you'll have to be required to serve four years in the military later on down the line now the time you serve can either be as a general practice doctor and this you only have to complete one year of internship following medical school for or you can give back your years after you complete residency in your given specialty when deciding whether or not to accept the hpsp scholarship I think there are three main considerations the first is financial can you afford to go to medical school without the hpsp program the second is specialty choice so competitive specialties in the military are going to be more difficult to get into then if you go the civilian route third is how you feel about the military is serving your country something that's important to you ok let's dig into the finances of it I'm going to talk about first the cost of a medical education second income during residency and then third the your income as your first four years as an attending and I picked four years because if you take the hpsp scholarship for four years this is the numbers the number of years you have to pay back to the military later on so first the cost of a medical education that varies widely school high schools so this would have to be on a case-by-case basis but I took Harvard University and UCLA for examples Harvard is a private medical school and the average cost of the medical education there is five hundred and forty-one thousand dollars now this number is so high because it includes tuition fees insurance and living expenses during your four years in medical school and also the interest you pay or average students from Harvard pay on that debt for UCLA the average cost of a medical education is three hundred and seventy two thousand dollars this number also comes from the summation of your expenses during medical school and the interest that average UCI student pays on those to compare the military route with this if you are an hpsp student your cost of medical education is going to be around zero dollars as for residency the differences between civilian and military in finances are small the average civilian.