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Instructions and Help about blank dd 214 form download

This part of my affidavit covers SPN numbers or spin code numbers as they are known by in 1954 the Defense Department authorized quoted statements to be put on military records in every veteran who served from 1954 to 1976 has won these statements followed a venom everywhere he went to apply for a job get alone in many other areas of his or her life that deal with functioning within American society the problem is that these SPN numbers were placed on a veteran's military records by someone who wrote in whatever they felt like putting in at the time oftentimes these statements were inaccurate fabricated and or totally unrelated to the veterans personality and service related history in my case I was given the SPN code number 260 for this particular code number lists me in the system as unsuitable for military service and having character and behavior disorders anyone who ran my social security number throughout my life would have also had access to the SPN code assigned to me which in my case ostracized me from succeeding in any way in society I was assigned my SPN code number on July 11th 1970 that's been forty-seven years ago as of this writing I am presently 67 years old I have never been arrested or done anything that would be considered out of the norm nor have I ever seen a psychiatrist psychoanalyst or been prescribed any type of psychological medication so obviously whoever put my SPN code number on my military records was the one who was unsuitable for military service not me.