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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing dd form 214 215

Instructions and Help about dd form 214 215

If you are in need of acquiring a certified copy of your military veterans dd-214 records you have come to the right place this video is designed to point out the three methods ranging from free services where time is not a consideration and you can afford to wait weeks or even months to receive it two paid researcher services where you need to have a copy of your dd-214 in hand today every discharged veteran and the next of kin of deceased veterans can apply to receive a copy of the dd-214 by the Defense Department the dd-214 is generally needed to verify military service for the purpose of benefits retirement employment and membership in veterans organizations to request military service records held by the National personnel records Center or NPRC there are just three methods in essence the best method for you to acquire your dd-214 is entirely dependent upon your personal situation with the primary consideration being the time that you can afford to wait if you don't mind waiting multiple week - potentially months to have your records in hand you can submit your paperwork directly through the government this is a free service but you will need to do your own legwork and investigations to determine which government facility for facilities may contain your records if you don't mind quite a bit of investigative work on your part and waiting up to several months for your dd-214 this may be an option for use to get your dd-214 zuv free and manual way go to free dd-214 comm on vectrex us and download the standard form 180 many times your records may be at multiple government facilities requiring you to print and fill out multiple forms and mail or faxing to each separate facility this can add days onto the retrieval time and be a hassle easy dd-214 comm has a completely online government approved form that gets automatically submitted to all the facilities that may have your record the first time for a small fee of ten dollars easy BD 214 comm will do the searching for you but your records can still take up to several months to arrive this method is best if you don't need your records quickly and you don't want to spend locating your records at the various facilities the two previous methods although cost-effective could still take up to several months to receive your ET 214 if you absolutely need your records quickly touchstone research group can potentially have your records in a matter of hours and generally within a week they personally have professional researchers on-site at government facilities that we track down and locate your records their Express service runs between 89 to 119 dollars depending on how fast they can get you your record if time is of the essence and you absolutely need your records in the shortest time frame possible touchstone is the way to go for a quote on price and.