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Instructions and Help about dd form 215 pdf

Hello everyone welcome back to another episode of the RC retirement youtube channel or podcast if you're listening to this in audio form this week let's go into something a lot easier to handle then that military divorce series that we just finished and I have to thank YouTube viewer Jason Falk for his email and idea for this episode I actually was not aware of this particular topic so when he asked I had to go do the research and it led me to believe that this would be an excellent topic for discussion so let's dive right in I'm going to talk about a very small section of the population this week and I don't mean the tiny number of people who serve in the military I will start with that though why not please indulge my number junkie nature for just a moment don't worry I will get to the point very quickly the population of the United States in 2021 was 323 million of that 2.19 7 million currently serve in the Armed Forces that's 0.68% by the way pretty small the reserve components of the Armed Forces total eight hundred twenty-three thousand nine hundred that is 37.6 one percent of the military population so when we think about why this fight was created this site exists to serve the Reserve Component of the military in other words we're talking about 0.25 percent of the u.s. population how's that for a niche market now let's talk about reservists who are all in on long term active-duty which I am defining as over 180 days for the purposes of this episode anyway I don't have numbers on how many reservists are on active duty either mobilizations or otherwise but we can assume that of the reserve population is a pretty small number overall now let's make that number even smaller we're going to talk about reservists who are on active duty who are seeking employment with the federal government once they are released from active duty or refresh of course when you're looking for a new job it's a good idea to start before your current job in this case being on active duty ends so let's assume that's what you're doing right now otherwise there's no point in you watching this episode right so federal agencies give preferential treatment to veterans in the form of extra rating points they take every candidate and assign a certain number of points based on interviews and resumes and whatnot and you get extra points from being a qualifying veteran we usually you prove your eligibility for this preferential treatment by giving them a copy of your certificate of release or discharge from active duty or more commonly known as a DD Form two one four to fourteen so whenever you hear servicemembers for all you civilians out there whenever you hear a service member talk about his 214 he's talking about this one-page document that summarizes his total.