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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing army national guard personnel records

Instructions and Help about army national guard personnel records

I'm Staff Sergeant B from I guard California comm I'm a recruiter with the California Army National Guard I've compiled a list of the top ten most important things you should know before during and after your meeting with the military recruiter if you're thinking about joining any branch of the military you need to watch my series let's take it from the top with number 10 do your research and do what's right for you people join the military for different reasons some join to serve their country others for direction in life and many for the ability to go to college for free whatever your reason realize the military is a huge commitment not to be taken lightly it's not a job it's a way of life every day thousands of servicemembers put on their uniform and answer the call of duty do your research by talking to friends or relatives who've served get on the web there's lots of websites dedicated to helping you decide if the military is right for you the military is not for everyone fewer than one percent of the population serve check out each branch for its own unique benefits challenges and opportunities by doing your homework you're positioning yourself to make the right decision when it's right for you tip number nine come prepared if you've made the decision to join the military you can streamline your enlistment process by bringing all of your necessary documentation to the first meeting with your military recruiter you'll be required to furnish your recruiter with what we call source documents getting these items together beforehand can save both U and U recruiter lots of time you should show up with your state ID slash driver's license or school ID social security card marriage certificate birth certificates for you and your dependents as well as education documents like your high school diploma or college degree if you're still in school make sure you bring your official school transcripts having these items in hand at your first meeting will allow your recruiter to concentrate on getting you the most out of your enlistment look at your recruiter as a mentor and partner by working together you'll start your military career off on the right foot tip number eight bring a buddy the recruiter is going to put out lots of information about enlisting into the military by the time you get home you'll forget about 50% of it this is truly the case when four ears are better than two the typical first interview can last anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour the recruiter will talk about bonuses college benefits career choices and everything else about the military experience by the end of the meeting you might not remember key points by bringing a buddy or family member you'll have someone else who can ask questions and bring a different perspective to the interview remember you're interviewing us just as much as we're.