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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing dd 149 2021

Instructions and Help about dd 149 2021

Music hey guys what's going on and today we're going to talk cold air intakes I just got back from American Muscle Car Show because VMP attended it and unbeknownst to me they wanted me to announce some of the race portion and I thought I was pretty cool pretty bigger than since I pretty much made my career making fun of them for the first two years of my social media life so today we're going to talk about the DD 149 now what the hell is a DD 149 and what the hell's 149 stand for so a lot of you know that I run a PMS cold air intake and the filter just fell off but this is what a pmax cold air intake looks like okay just imagine the filter is on this guy who just like that so the pmax cold air is a 120 millimeter okay this is pretty much the best in my opinion signalized cold air made for positive displacement vehicles will there be a Whipple to 9 foot pole to 3 TBS or Roush cold air for 11 to 14 Mustangs this is the guy this is the cat's ass cast me out the bee's knees this is the period but PMS said that's not enough PMS went ahead and introduced the 149 149 is way bigger than the 120 now why the hell would you want to go you know 149 is isn't this enough well think of it this way there is really no quote restriction on an inlet for a positive displacement supercharger as much air you want to put in there you can put in there and if you're going to get a 140 plus millimeter pull there when I get a pee map they have a nice recess so the mass the map sensor actually can seal in there nicely other intakes on the market have issues sealing up against the map and you get a leakage top and bottom and also they give you two choices of a filter they give you a option of a race filter which is literally mesh that's not going to be a drivable deal that's when you guys when you're at the track it has literally no restriction and here is the race filter it's literally I mean you can see right through it look it's transparent as it's not going to drive well I would not want you guys driving around with it you're at the racetrack you want no restriction this is your optional race filter that goes on there 149 but PMS did not want to go ahead and start making the rest of it meaning the couplers the tubes and everything like that but luckily Jason to Sheriff 13:20 junkie performance starts making the tube and he calls it the DD 149 so what the hell is a DD 149 come on baby there we go there's the DD 149 149 millimeter PMS cold.