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Military discharge records public Form: What You Should Know

The OMP is maintained in three main places — the National Archives in Washington, D.C., the Military Personnel Records Center in Kansas City, Missouri, and the Joint Personnel Records Center (PRC), Pentagon. The National Archives maintains the largest collection and is the place to submit documents and request services. The National Personnel Records Center in Kansas City, Missouri oversees discharge processing at that facility. There is a 30 charge for processing the OMP. If the person who signed the discharge papers did not write the service dates, the payment is automatically denied. If the discharged veteran provides a letter from the unit's medical examiner attesting to the date of discharge or that the date is a later date than that of a discharge document, the fee will be 25. The PRC has a 15 processing fee for processing DD Form 214 and has no fee for other discharge documents.  There are other online resources, like the website of the Department of Defense National Personnel Records Center. Find Your Decease Record online You can use the online records search to find military personnel records, military records of deceased veterans, and a listing of all veterans.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Military discharge records public

Instructions and Help about Military discharge records public

What's up veterans? I'm Combat Craig and I'm a 100% disabled Desert Storm veteran. Today's topic is how to apply for a military discharge upgrade. This video is actually inspired by a conversation that I had with a veteran today. They received an other than honorable discharge because they got caught with a bag of shrooms back in the day. So, I thought this is a topic I haven't tackled before. - I'm going to be touching on the following types of discharges: bad conduct discharge, dishonorable discharge, other than honorable discharge, general under honorable conditions (which is still honorable), and obviously honorable. - If you have a quick question about VA claims and you think that I might be able to answer it, please call me at 208-557-3084. Quick questions, by the way, take five to ten minutes. My focus is on making videos and growing this channel. - I don't want to come off like a dick, but if you have no clue about your disabilities and anything about the VA claims process, or how to get a DS login, or what an intent to file is, or any of the basics, we're not ready to have a conversation. Because you don't know much or anything, or whatever, like I didn't know a year and a half ago. - So, literally, I could talk to you for like a week straight, but all we're doing is talking. Like, we're accomplishing nothing. You need to get your intent to file in, get a strategy, and file your claim with medical evidence that moves your claim forward. Talking to me isn't moving your, I mean, you're getting a little education, I get it. Watch my videos, that's why I make them. I have lots of tips and tricks and stuff....