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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing military discharge records public

Instructions and Help about military discharge records public

Hello I'm Ken Tyler with the veterans assistance project this is now the sixth blog entry I've done in this informational series we're rolling out two episodes on the blog this week in honor of pro bono week now for those of you who have watched this blog since the beginning I've gotten several requests to discuss discharge upgrades so by popular demand today we're going to discuss military discharges and we'll go into greater detail on this topic in our next vlog entry later in the week because this is a very important very detailed topic members of the military are either administratively discharged or punitive Lee discharged from the Armed Forces the characterization of a veteran's military service which is listed on his or her Department of Defense Form 214 called the DD 214 can have an impact on a wide array of benefits administered by the Department of Veteran Affairs including eligibility to receive health care disability compensation educational benefits vocational benefits and many other benefits additionally there may be state or local benefits eligible to a veteran depending on the characterization of the veterans military service now there's a lot of misinformation on this particular topic I believe in part because the VA has a separate way it evaluates DoD discharged characterizations when deciding whether a veteran is eligible to access VA benefits one of the most harmful rumors that circulates across the services which I know you've likely heard is what I call the rumor of the discharge up great fairy the rumor goes something like this if a member doesn't receive an honorable discharge for their service from the military six months after they are discharged they can apply to have their discharge upgraded and somehow the discharge upgrade fairy will magically make that happen well let me assure you the discharge upgrade fairy doesn't exist getting your discharge upgrade upgraded assuming you're ever successful can take years or decades thus you should disregard the advice of your barracks lawyer and not take this matter lightly while you are in the service the different DoD Administrative Service characterizations of service are an honorable discharge for generally meritorious military service a general under honorable conditions discharge which is issued when the DoD military branch in question determines there existed significant instances of conduct which detracted from the military members otherwise honorable service and the third and final type of administrative discharge is an under other than honorable conditions discharge in the case of an other than honorable conditions discharge there was supposedly one or more significant instances of conduct that constituted a significant departure from the standards expected of militant members of the military these are the three most common types of administrative discharges issued across all branches of the Department of Defense today punitive discharges by contrast are issued by the DoD also but should not be confused with the administrative discharges that I've just discussed punitive discharges are only issued pursuant to.